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Gary Refrigeration Company Limited (“Gary”) was founded by Mr. Gary Chung in 1957. Attributed to his dedication in exploring the knowledge and technical craftsmanship in refrigeration, he had manufactured the first stainless steel beverage cooler in mass production for Coke-Cola in Hong Kong. Since then, “Gary” has been regarded to be a pioneer of custom-made stainless steel refrigerators for the commercial market.

Over 50 years, “Gary” has established a culture of proactively meeting new challenges and implementing innovative concepts in refrigeration. To keep abreast of the market, “Gary” has continuously been developing and widening the knowledge, technology and exposure in all aspects of commercial refrigeration.

Along the road, “Gary” has further developed the business in design and installation of refrigerators/showcases with 24 hour emergency and maintenance services to customers in Hong Kong and Macau.

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