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Stagionello / Maturmeat  is not just a dry aging meat appliance or machine but it's a Must for Chef requiring high quality of meat to his own specifications. From Aging-Drying to Flavouring-Preservation , it allows constant monitoring and displaying the 4 most critical factors : Time-Temperature-Humidity-pH

Conad of Italy is one of the larger chains of supermarkets, has puchased 7 units of Stagionello®/Maturmeat® in various locations, as a pilot project in 2012. Another 10 locations are confirming order by the end of 2013.

Stagionello®/Maturmeat® has recently been launched in the USA and collaborated with American top chef Brian Voltaggio who has feature 2 of our 150kg unit and a custom 800kg room at his new restaurant called Range.

Professional courses teaching transformation techniques using Stagionello®/Maturmeat are running at California State University, Fresno in USA and Leeds City College in UK.


"Click the Photo to View the Product Specification"

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