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Gary Refrigeration Co., Ltd. - Maturmeat
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Stagionello Maturmeat® is a new revolutionary patent designed appliance for reproducing the ideal climate conditions for aging meat, obtaining tender and tasty dry aged meat. It is the most interative, intuitive and didactic control system for the management of automatic production of dry aging processes for Beef/Lamb/Pork /Game.Unlike the others, it is not just a  refrigerator, storage or display cabinet for dry aged meats. It is the only patented unit specialized in managing, controlling and checking the following parameters: Temperature, Humidity, Ventilation and pH. These are fundamental to the natural activation of proteolytic enzymes transferring tenderness and taste.

This is a MUST for the Chef wanting to specialize in the
production of prime quality meats for grilling and
roasting. No expertise is required. The meat can be laid
directly into the cabinet without the need of vacuum
packaging thus saving money on wasteful plastic material
contributing to the reduction of environmental pollution.
Requiring little space, Maturmeat® does the work of more
than one appliance. Equipped with an innovative
humidity management system (R.H.), with a range of
settings from 30% - 99% humidity, limiting supercial and
internal dehydration. The system extracts, through
evaporation, the exact amount of liquids (reducing
weightloss and superficial parts to trim), so you can
achieve the desired succulence. The condensed liquids are
then removed automatically to an outside tray.
With Maturmeat® you can control the weightloss of the
final product, and increase your profits.

In only 11 days Maturmeat® produces tasty, tender and
safe meat. During the process the meat can be sliced
without interrupting transformation or contaminating
the product. During all production stages the
revolutionary “Sicur food control®” system analyzes the
acidity (pH) within the meat, giving continuous feedback
on its quality while respecting the most strict food safety
standards. Production data can be displayed as a table or
Maturmeat® has an elegant design welcome in any retail
setting. Built both internally and externally in commercial
grade S/S AISI 304 with Scotch-Brite finishing ideal for
food safety. The door has a S/S frame with double glazed
glass, giving you the chance to visually monitor the
progress. A key locking system prevents unwanted
interruption of the aging process. Underneath, four
supporting S/S height adjustable legs provide perfect
Maturmeat® is equipped with refrigeration and heating
units fully controlling humidity. The desired temperature
and humidity can be reached very quickly, maintaining
these conditions for extended periods of time thanks to
our CFC free polyurethane foam (density 40/43 kg m3).

Fumotic is yet another breakthrough patented system
featured in Maturmeat®. The smoke/flavour and
humidification functions are crucial in distinguishing true
The device is equipped with a nebulization system,
spraying steam into the chamber at controlled
temperatures (water for humidification or aroma for
flavouring). A water line from an external source is
unnecessary as there are two reservoirs dedicated to
supplying liquids directly as needed.
Thanks to Fumotic® it is possible to produce and control
the humidity within the unit, regardless of both
minimum machine load and the natural water content of
the meat to be transformed or preserved. During the
stages hot or cold temperatures can be controlled
according to your needs.
Operating temperature and humidity
-3°C+35°C R.H. from 30% - 99%

With ClimaTouch® You don’t have to be a seasoned professional
to produce prime quailty,
A revolutionary control system that automatically manages all
sequential processing stages, calculating pH levels during the
fermentation process guaranteeing a quality product. It is this
highly developed software that is dedicated to the
transformation of traditional food, making it intuitive and easy
to use.
Included are preset recipes for dry aging Beef, Lamb, Pork, and
Game. You have the ability to create and store your own
personalized recipes, thanks to the 352 Kb of internal memory.
The HACCP monitoring system relays production data back to
you via the 6” touch screen. The graphical interface of the large
LCD display contains easy to use icons and messages, allowing
you to visualize and interact with each transformation stage:

Ferment Control®(optional):
A specialized probe for measuring and assisting in the
control of pH during the fermentation process, by
monitoring acidic levels within the product on a
cellular level.

Copyright © 2007 Gary Refrigeration Co., Ltd.. All Rights Reserved

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