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Our Mission

Our mission is to manufacture refrigeration products of quality with excellent services for our customers. Our principle is to adopt innovative designs and provide professional services in refrigeration to the commercial market.

Protection of Environment

In the aspect of environmental protection, "Gary" promotes energy-saving systems, usage of green refrigerant and proper disposal/recycle of chemical substances for best caring of our environment.

Such energy-saving systems are as follows :

1.      Parallel Compressor Rack System

2.      Heat Reclaim System

3.      Hot Gas Defrost System

4.      Electronic Control System

Social Responsibility

Having the social responsibility, "Gary" is eager to train up youngsters with techical skills and knowledge in refrigeration. We provide apprentice program every year to gear up a young team with vitality and potential for the company's future development.

Gary Refrigeration Co.,Ltd. has established a goodwill in refrigeration industry for more than 50 years.

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