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Arneg was founded in the 1960s in the heart of the Veneto region, when industrial development came to this part of Italy and encountered the historically hard-working people of the region with their ancient traditions of international trade, technological skill and good government, unchanged since the days of the men and women of the Republic of Venice with its masters of culture, art and science who attended the University of Padua. The area's economy also began to develop, fifty years ago, in a new direction, based on a type of industry that differed markedly from traditional models, small businesses whose radius of action extended beyond national borders, and which offered specialized products and processes.

Arneg likes to describe itself as a business based on a distinct work ethic, love of innovation, the will to invest, and above all on an unrivaled respect for its customers and their satisfaction. These business characteristics are also shared by the companies that work with Arneg, in a technical-economic network that generates products and services in the commercial refrigeration sector. The remarkable growth of Arneg's supply companies, from components to service providers, should be considered the most positive and stabilizing aspect of the modern Veneto's economic development.

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