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History & Development

(A) Stainless Steel Coolers and Refrigerators

In 1957, "Gary"  set up and manufactured the first stainless steel beverage cooler in Hong Kong.   

"Gary" then co-operated with Coke-Cola, an international beverage company,  to launch a joint marketing campaign with custom-made stainless steel beverage coolers. The Hong Kong market was instantly boomed by this product.

With our persistent effort in striving for best quality, "Gary" has established a leading status in  refrigeration industry.




In 1960, ”Gary” also co-operated with San Miguel, the first “draught beer” distributor in Hong Kong. We designed and produced the first draught beer cooler with a tap of which was well adopted in bars and restaurants afterwards. This product was awarded with the Best Design in beverage industry of that year  and later exported to the markets in South East Asia.

Furthermore, the company developed and built the first refrigerating truck for fulfilling the customer’s need of San Miguel Brewery in Hong Kong.

(B) Walk-in Cold Room and Commercial Refrigerator for Kitchen

By the end of Vietnam War, “Gary” manufactured the first prefabricated walk-in cold room attaining to the international standard of the U.S. Army. The coldrooms with a reliable quality and performance were exported to Vietnam for medical usage.

Different refrigeration products such as multi-purpose beverage coolers and stainless steel refrigerators in commercial kitchen were further developed to meet the market’s demand.



Being a manufacturer specialized in stainless steel products in the late 1960's, "Gary" firstly introduced and manufactured custom-made stainless steel kitchen tables and cabinets for hotels and restaurants. These new products have achieved the upgraded hygiene standard in Hong Kong Food & Beverage Industry.To cope with our business expansion, “Gary” was incorporated in 1972. A few years later, our factory was moved to a self-owned industrial premises at Tokwawan for sustaining a progressive growth.


To further enhance the service for our customers in retail market such as supermarkets, convenience stores and food processing/storage companies, "Gary " set up a repairing & maintenance department to provide 24-Hour emergency service.                                          


(D) Display Refrigerators

round spinning refrigerator


From 1980's, "Gary" has kept his pace with the market and entered into a new era.  Our team started to incorporate refrigeration technology with the interior design of the clients such as restaurants and hotels.

In 1986, "Gary" had tailor-made a round spinning refrigerator for pastry and cakes of a hotel.

The company was providing a solution for customers in designing Refrigeration Display Products according to their requirements.

Riding on this development, "Gary" has further extended the new business in providing Display Refrigerators to convenience store such as Circle-K, Sam Club and after-sales service.

(E) Hypermarket with efficient systems

Since 1992, Gary became the leading Asian distributor for Bonnet Neve, a French manufacturer of refrigerating showcases. We have been the forerunner of designing and setting up of refrigerating systems for a large international organization such as Carrefour Group and Wal-Mart in many cities of Mainlaind China including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Shenzhen.

Further to our introduction of Parallel Compressor Rack System in 1996, we have designed and built a cost effective and effecient refrigerating system for the first Hypermarket in Hong Kong, that is, Park’N Shop Whampoa Garden Hypermarket.

Whampoa Hypermarket Store

並聯壓縮機組Parallel Compressor Rack System

For further system enhancement, "Gary" introduced a Heat Reclaim System in its Parallel Compressor Rack System to a Hypermarket Store.

For environment protection, the heat energy is re-collected by the reclaim system and then utilized in the other purposes.

In 2000, "Gary" has successfully linked up 6 different brand of showcases together and controlled the cooling  operation were controlled  controlled by ONE Central Refrigerating System for the supermarket named "Great" at Pacific Place, Hong Kong.

Heat Reclaim System (熱能回收系統)

Remote Control and Monitoring System (智能遠程控制監測技術 )

"Gary" also developed the first Intelligent Remote Control and Monitoring System for Superstore in Hong Kong. Both the operation and energy efficiency have been improved substantially.

"Gary" has successfully installed a Hot Gas Defrost System for Park'N Shop Supermarkets at both Cyberport and East Point City.  The heat generated from the system is reclaimed and applied the heat for defrost in the other food processing section.

(F) Design & Consultancy Service
In recent years, "Gary" has been providing design / consultancy services in supermarket showcases and refrigerating systems for customers such as City-Super, another high-end supermarket at Shatin, YATA Supermarket at Shatin and Yaohan Supermarket in Macau.

(G) Logistics Coldroom

並聯壓縮機組 Parallel Compressor Rack System

(C) 24-Hour Emergency and Maintenance Service

In 2003, the company designed and installed a coldroom system for Maxim's Food Processing Centre at Tai Po. The Thawing Room reclaimed heat energy from compressors instead of using an electrical heater for thawing the frozen food or boiling water.  Energy being recycled and cost was saved by adoption of this design. 

In 2005, "Gary" has tailor-made a Parallel Compressor Rack for a 100,000 sq ft cold room for storage of apples and grapes in Dalian, China. The operating temperature is +2oC with variation allowed + / - 0.5oC .

In recent years, "Gary" has also become a consultant in refrigeration for customers such as City-Super, another high-end supermarket at Shatin, Yaohan supermarket in Macau and YATA supermarket at Shatin.

“Gary” built a logistics coldroom for Havi Logistics in Guangzhou, China in 2007.  Another logistics coldroom of > 20,000 Sq ft for Havi Logistics was built in Shatin, Hong Kong in 2009 ~ 2010. This coldroom has successfully registered a Cold Store Licence with Food & Environmental Department.

logistics coldroom outside pathway                     logistics coldroom inside

(H) Walk-in Environmental Chamber

In December 2012, we built a walk-in environmental chamber for Castco  ( 0°C ~ 4°C with 9 points ± 2°C ) at an economic cost.

(I) Aging Cabinet

Supply of an European Brand of Aging Cabinet for Meat / Sausages / Cheese at two City-Super Stores.

(J) Chilled Working Table and Screw Compressor with Sea Water Cooling System

Developed & built a chilled working table for sushi at City-Super Store in 2013.  We also designed & installed a Screw Compressor with Sea Water Cooling System for another City-Super store in next year.  Both stores have been set up with a remote monitoring control via internet.

(K) Food Processing Plant

In 2015, we acted as the main contractor for Angliss to build a Food Processing Plant in Tin Wan which includes all building works, licenses application and refrigeration system.

(L) The Hong Kong Film Archive

To Preserving Rarity and Historical Value Hong Kong's Film Heritage.  In 2016, we have assisted to construct a dedicated storage room, which has independent air conditioning system with dehumidification and acidic gaseous removal functions, for The Hong Kong Film Archive.

Gary" introduced the first Standard PLC Moding System to Hong Kong Government.

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